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Frequently asked question

UTV/JEEP Rentals

  • Driver must have valid driver’s license, provide proof of car insurance and be 21+ years
  • A credit card must be provided to be saved on file, for incidentals. Cash payments accepted, but you still have to provide a card to be saved on file.
  • Our units are for street use and scenic trails, so gravel and dirt roads are fine. But under any circumstances, are NOT for Off-Roading.  
  • Children are welcome!
  • Please bring a child seat if your child requires one.
  • Pet-friendly!

E-BIKE Rentals

  • Riders over 18 years old must provide any type of valid ID.
  • Riders under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who must provide any type of valid ID.
  • Riders must wear helmets while riding a bike. You can bring your own or use our helmets, free of charge.


  • Must provide valid driver license or any other type of valid ID
  • Must provide a credit card to be saved on file for incidentals, even if you pay cash
  • Please keep in mind that our smaller scooters (330 lbs maximum weight) can be taken apart and fitted in almost any cars, while the heavy duty ones (500 lbs) are from one heavy  piece and must be driven from my office to wherever you need to go. 

We are located in Downtown Gatlinburg, 2 blocks away from the main Parkway and we offer free parking for your vehicle, during the rental time.

For UTVs and Jeeps you need to be at least 21 years old.

For E-Bikes rentals, you must be 18 or older with valid ID, or under 18 if a parent/guardian provides valid identification on your behalf. 

Yes, you need a valid driver license in order to rent an UTV or Jeep. 

For E-Bikes and Scooters, any type of ID is accepted.

Reservations can be made at any time as long as the unit is available. Online reservations for the next day, stops at midnight. If wanting to rent the same day call/text us. We also welcome walk-ins, but a heads up call it could save you an unnecessary trip if our units are all booked.

Pet Clause

We are NOT held responsible for any potential harm to your animals. Customer must provide a blanket or covering that will cover the entire area the pet may be. Excessive hair/bathroom issues will result in a $100 cleanup fee. Any rips or tears resulting from pet damage will be assessed for a damage fee in accordance to the severity of damage. This fee refers to ALL rental units.



We have a 48 hours full refund policy, no matter the reason. This will give you enough time to make an idea about how the weather is going to be. 

If you have to cancel less than 48 hours before the time of rental, we will gladly offer you a rain check or a gift certificate to use at a future time.

For UTV/Jeep rentals

No. Our units are not allowed to be put on a trailer or taken to areas where they are not allowed. Please remember our UTV’s and Jeeps are for street use only. Gravel and dirt roads are fine, but can’t be taken on trailers or drove to off-road trails.

For E-BIKE and SCOOTER Rentals

Yes, you are allowed to load our units in your car and take them wherever you need, as long as you bring them back in the rental time. Please keep in mind that our units might not fit in any car. 

Primary contract holder must be with units at all times. You cannot be a primary contract holder and let the units be left to those as additional drivers. Please be advised that our insurance covers the primary contract holder and the added additional driver(s) per our contract. ALL those that sign must be with vehicles rented and be validated. Additional drivers that are not signed and validated at the beginning of the process can potentially void the insurance leading to full replacement cost of the vehicle if flipped or damaged in any way.

All UTVs and Jeeps start with a full tank of PREMIUM gas. At the end of the rental, units must be refueled with PREMIUM gas upon return. If the customer decides not to refuel upon return, there is a fee up to $50 per unit not refueled.

Yes, but only when the unit is rented for 24 or more hours. Please note that the UTV’s must remain on roads 45mph or less, so make sure your cabin isn’t in an area where speed limit is higher than that. Or we can check that for you, just give us a call.

No. Remember that our UTVs are street legal and are not for off-road use. All of them comes with roof and windshield, so helmets are not required.

Yes, we provide helmets free of charge for our customers.